TABBY (Threat Assessment of Bullying Behaviour) in internet

TABBY Internet bullying research

„TABBY (Threat Assessment of Bullying Behaviour) on the Internet” international project (2011-2012)

The project involves five countries (Italy, Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Hungary), and it focuses on cyberbullying). It aims to develop a threat assessment questionnaire which children themselves can complete and thus assess what the outcome of a particular cyberbullying incident could be. Within the project, we hold training sessions related to cyberbullying (with special emphasis on the solution) for teachers and children. This latter seeks to train teacher and peer mentors to whom other, bullied students can turn to for help.

The project also involves a panel survey, in which we ask students of 14-15 about their experiences of online bullying and the ways to handle it. During the six months between the preliminary and follow-up questions, the teachers and students prepared at the training conduct informative-mentoring activity at the partner schools. The experiment seeks to measure the effectiveness of this activity. On demand, we provide consultation on children’s online bullying to the schools participating in the research.

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