About us

The name of the Foundation: ESZTER Foundation for the Rehabilitation of Victims of Sexual Assault

mission: to provide psychotherapeutic treatment and social support to victims of violent sexual crimes, to promote their legal protection, to prevent such crimes and to support law enforcement

public benefit classification: Public benefit foundation

date of establishment: 25 December 1991

number and date of the final court resolution on registration: Pk.67927/1992/1; 28 January 1992

registration number: 2611

From the very beginnings, one of the Foundation’s main goals was to establish and operate a centre which provides help – primarily in the form of psychological rehabilitation and legal counselling – to victims of violence, while also organising and coordinating other (child protection, social, educational, etc.) activities.

Since 1994, the main activity of ESZTER Foundation has been the operation of ESZTER Centre.

Besides providing the services of the Clinic, the Foundation also carries out a number of other tasks related to helping the victims of sexual assault and domestic violence, such as organising campaigns, conducting research, releasing publications and participating in international as well as domestic projects, in order to develop the professional work required to support victims.

The services provided by the Centre of ESZTER Foundation:

– individual consultation, counselling

– individual psychotherapy, family and couple therapy

– group therapy

– legal and child protection counselling

The services of the Centre are provided free of charge. ESZTER Foundation finances the Centre from donations, grants and contributions from its clients.

By making payments to the Foundation’s account, anybody can contribute to the survival of the Clinic. This, however, is not a condition of using the services.

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