Campaign against violence 2013 – Keep Violence Outside!

Besides raising attention, our current campaign also seeks to mobilise broad layers of society against violence. The work conducted by the Foundation has also been presented in a documentary called “Make life liveable”, in which, apart from Hungarian and international experts of the field, well-known public figures speak up firmly against violence. The main message of the campaign is communicated through two public information films. Those joining the campaign are expected to place “Keep violence outside” stickers in public spaces, on as many doors as possible (e.g. in public institutions, such as health institutions, welfare services, counselling services, as well as shops, chain stores, vehicles, etc.) The films are complete with print materials (posters, stickers).

If you wish to join or help, you can request stickers and arrange the takeover using the following e-mail address:

The films will be shown on the Internet (on YouTube, Facebook and the Foundation’s website), and hopefully on public service television channels. The socially relevant commercials will also be presented at a discussion, open to the press. The sponsors of the campaign will be ensured publicity on the Foundation’s website, Facebook site and YouTube channel.


Campaign against domestic violence 2003

In its socially oriented campaign in 2003, the Foundation formulated an important message against domestic violence. The slogan “There is help” primarily sought to address those left alone with their problems, to make them aware that what had happened to them was not an isolated instance, and they shouldn’t feel ashamed but turn to professionals who can help.

The campaign message on indoor posters in public institutions and on leaflets directly addressed the victims, and the anti-violence advertisement aimed at the broader society could be seen in public spaces (on City Light Posters and billboards), as well as in the press and on television.

Due to this campaign, the number of those turning to the Centre has considerably grown, and the power of publicity drove individual and corporate support. During the active campaign period, the issue received considerable media coverage, and our creative materials were used by the press for many years afterwards.


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