The Centre

ESZTER Centre, established in 1994, is the psychotherapeutic centre of ESZTER Foundation.  It was established to prevent victims from being left alone with their injuries and to provide them help to reorganise themselves, their lives and relationships. We seek to help those turning to us process what had happened to them and live their lives again freed of their burdens.

Despite the difficulties of financing, we have continuously operated the Centre ever since it was established, with the involvement of specialists such as psychologists and psychiatrists. Besides our psychotherapeutic services, we have also provided legal counselling since 2008. Initially, its operation was also supported by the Social Public Foundation of Budapest, through the financing mechanism of the Norway NGO Fund. However, since the support was discontinued, the Foundation has relied on its own resources to finance its legal services, too. Our legal expert provides legal counselling to victims in cooperation and in consultation with the treatment specialists of the Centre.

Each year, about 70-100 new applicants are registered at ESZTER Centre. The youngest applicant was two years old, whereas the oldest one was sixty. The services of the Centre are provided free of charge to anyone who has suffered sexual assault or abuse. ESZTER Centre receives those requesting help from all around Hungary, from any county.

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